"I am a customer at Elefante Music because I rent a clarinet to play in my school band. Elefante Music is a very reliable business, and its efficiency in helping me make sure my clarinet is in tiptop shape to be able to play is very helpful. The few times I needed my clarinet to be repaired, they did it quickly and it was as good as new afterward." - Mikey

The Repair Shop at Elefante Music is a professional, fully-equipped musical instrument maintenance facility. Here at Elefante Music, we offer competitive pricing and fast service on all of our repairs. We can do major dent work and expert overhauling of all instruments, including professional and vintage instruments.

We pick up rental repairs from the school as needed, which we usually return within a few days. There is no charge for repairs that result from regular usage of our rental instruments.

In addition, we offer college internships and repair clinics, which provide a great opportunity for school music teachers to earn professional development credits.